How To Add A New Priority?

By default the plugin comes with the commons priority values. Which are Low, Normal, High and Urgent. These priorities are available on all versions.

Click on the Ticket Property tab. Then click on the “+”. Please note: Only premium versions have the capability to add multiple priorities. The Free version comes with predefined priorities. You can customize them on all versions anyway.

The plugin allows you to create two types of priorities, public and privates. The main difference between them is that private priorities are not seeing by users but staff members and they are not visible in the public page. Which means the client is not able to select this priority when submitting a new ticket.

Service Level Agreement:

When customers submit a support request, they’d also like to know when they can expect a response (and a resolution) from you. A service level agreement (SLA) policy lets you set standards of performance for your support team. You can set SLA policies for the time within which agents should respond to and resolve tickets based on their priorities.

You can set a time for the first reply and a time for the resolution for the request.

For example, you can set a first reply within 12 hours and a resolution time within 72 hours.

These are two examples of what either the admin or users will see when checking the ticket.

Within the SLA:




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