How Do Staff Members Create Tickets?

Staff members can create tickets only through their accounts. So.. the only way a staff member has to create a ticket is by getting into their accounts.

Staff Members can be created only the the WP admin and the admin should send them the username and password.

Once the staff member is logged in this main page will be displayed.  Creating a ticket is really easy and the staff only needs to click on the “Create a Ticket” button as displayed on the screenshot below.

Only allowed products will be displayed on this list. You can assign more products to this staff member on the Staff tab – Products and Departments section.  Although, we have created 3 products this staff member is allowed to see only one of them.

The following screenshot displays the allowed products for our staff member.

The first required field to create a new ticket is the “User” or “Client”, the staff member can retrieve a list of already registered users by typing a couple words.

Creating a Client on the Fly:

The alternative to create a new client on the fly is always a great option. The staff member just needs to click on the “+” icon and a quick form will be displayed.

Once the form has been filled out, the client will be automatically selected, then the staff member has to fill out subject, comments, priority and a department.

Attaching files to a ticket:

This is optional, one or multiple files at once can be attached.

The following confirmation page will be displayed.

Since a client has been assigned, the status will be “Pending” which means that the system is waiting for the client’s reply:

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