How Do Clients Create Tickets?

The clients can create a ticket through the public link you have created that contains the [wptu_create_ticket product_id=”..”] shortcode. Please check the Getting Started Guide.

Creating a Ticket at the Front-End

The client will see this form if he/she is not logged in.

However, if the client is already logged in he/she will have to create the ticket through the client’s account.

Let’s suppose the client is not logged in. All the fields are mandatory. Please keep in mind that on free version the the basic information is required such as subject, comments, priority, departments etc etc. However, if you need to add custom fields you will have to obtain a premium version which allows you to add multiple fields by each one of your departments.

Very Important:

The tickets created by the clients by using the same email account will be linked in the same account. This allows clients to submit tickets without being logged in and all the tickets will be within the same account. This is called Guest Tickets, the client can always request a password and check all the opened tickets.

Please note: The email address requires a confirmation since the login information and the ticket’s details will be sent to the client.

The clients are allowed to upload files when submitting the ticket. You can set the allowed file types on the Settings Tab.

Ticket Submission Confirmation:

Once the ticket is submitted the client will see a confirmation message which is editable, you can also set a confirmation page on the Settings tab.


Creating A Ticket Through The User’s Account:

The client can create a ticket through their accounts.  The first thing the user has to do is get into his/her account.

The client will see the following screen. Which is the landing page of the client’s dashboard.

The client has to click on the “Submit a Ticket” link, the a list of the allowed products will be listed. A product has to be selected since the ticket creation process needs a product.

As most of tickets the client will need to input a subject, write a content and select a priority value.

The department is a mandatory field and the client will need to select the desired department to submit a ticket. Attaching files is totally optional and the client can upload multiple files at once.

Once all the information has been filled out the client needs to click on the “Submit” button and a success page will be displayed.


The client will see the new ticket in the main page of the account.


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