How Do Admins Create Tickets?

Tickets can be created by Admin, Clients and Staff members. In this section we will explain how the admin though the WP Dashboard can create a ticket and assign it to a client.

The “Submit A Ticket” button is visible and you can find it at the top right side of your screen. Just click on it and you will be taken to another screen that displays your products. Please note: a ticket needs a product and a client. You can’t create a ticket without assigning a product and a client.

Right after you click on the product link you will see the following screen.

There are some basic information you have to fill out in order to create a new ticket. Staff member is not a mandatory field, so you can leave it in blank. In our example we will select a staff member. Just type a couple of characters and the created staff members will be displayed in a list, you just have to select it.

Assigning a Staff Member:

Selecting a Client or User:

This field is mandatory, you can select an existent client by typing a couple of characters. That will look up for email address, first name and last name.

If you don’t find your client you can create a client quickly by clinking on the “+” icon.

When creating a client on the fly you will see the following screen. Just fill out the form and click on the Add button. The client will be auto-slected.

Once you have selected a client you will need to fill out, subject, comments, priority and department. This information is mandatory.

Attaching Files to the Ticket:

When creating a ticket the admin can select one or multiple files.  You can set what file types are allowed on the Settings section.

At this point you can create the ticket by clicking on the ‘Submit” button.

You will be taken to a confirmation screen.


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