Getting Started With The Staff & Client Account Module

The plugin comes with a powerful module that lets your staff members and users to manage their own tickets without having access to your WP Dashboard. Also, the clients are able to have a control of their tickets through a private backend.

PLEASE NOTE: Clients are able to manage and update their tickets on all versions of WP Ticket Ultra.

PLEASE NOTE 2: Staff Members are able to manage and update their tickets on Team, Professional and Enterprise versions only.

There are some steps you have to follow to start using the Staff & Client Account module.

1) Creating the Login Page

Creating this page is very important because it will let your staff members and clients to login to their accounts. Without this page the plugin won’t work properly.


The login page will look as follow and it can be used to let either your staff members or clients to login to their accounts.

Make sure you have this shortcode in the page: [wptu_user_login]

2) Creating the Staff & Client Account Page

This page is needed because here is where staff members and clients will be able to manage their tickets and orders. The staff members will be to manage their own assigned tickets without having access to your WP Dashboard, they will be able to reply to all tickets within the departments they belong to. Also, the staff member can start new tickets from this panel.

The first thing you have to to is creating a page say “My Account”.


Make sure you have this shortcode in the page: [wptu_account]

This below is a screenshot of how the staff account looks:

3) Creating the Password Recover Page

This page is very important because your clients and staff members will need to recover their password, so.. a page that allows them to restore the password is essential.

Make sure that the page you create for restoring the password includes this shortcode: [wptu_user_recover_password].

This is the Recover Password page which is visible by clients and staff members.

5) Setting The Staff And Clients Pages.

Now that all the pages have been created we need to let the plugin know about it. So.. this can be done by clicking on the Staff & Client Account link as displayed bellow.

IMPORTANT: You have to set the above pages otherwise this module won’t work the way it should and your staff members and clients won’t be able to manage their tickets.

IMPORTANT 2: You have to set permalinks on WP Settings Permalinks. Check the attached screenshot.

If you don’t set the Permalinks you will get a 404 page error, this is not caused by the plugin but WordPress. If you’re not able to make it work, then you will need to get in touch with your hosting provider, this link will tweak your .htaccess.

6) Creating The Submit Ticket Form.

The very first time you install the plugin a product will be created which has a shortcode. Since the ticket has been thinking to offer support for one or multiple products in a website, you are able to create different forms to submit tickets linked to your desired products.

Click on Products & Departments tab, there you will see your first product. Please note, this product can’t be deleted since the plugin needs a product to start working. You may change the product’s name anytime. If you’re offering support for tangible goods then name it the way you need it.

Create the Submit Ticket Page:

This page will be accessible by users in your website, make sure it contains the right shortcode as displayed above.

This shortcode should be in that page: [wptu_create_ticket product_id=”1″]

IMPORTANT:  Make sure it’s not wrapped with pre tags.


You’re ready to start offering fast support to your clients.






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