Creating A Staff Member

The plugin needs at least one staff member to start working. This is a very important step and we highly recommend you follow this guide right after you have installed the plugin.

Click on the Staff tab, there you will see a list of all your staff members. Click on the “+” icon and a pop up will show up.

Please input a Full Name, Email and Username. These fields are mandatory.

What happen if the email address already exists in the database? The plugin will convert the already user into a Staff member automatically.

Please note: The plugin doesn’t delete users from the WP Users table.

Once you click on the “Save” button the new staff member will be automatically selected and you will see the details the right column.

IMPORTANT: You have to follow these steps if you would like to allow staff members to see the tickets submitted by the users.

1) Send login details to the new staff member:

Just click on the Send Password Button.

2) Allow staff member to access into the Backend:

Don’t forget to click on the Save Settings button.

At this point your staff member should be able to login and have access to the Staff Backend Module.

However there is one more step you have to take care of.

Now that you have created the staff member you have to let the plugin know what departments the new staff member will be able to reply.

3) Assigning Staff Member to Custom Departments:

Click on The Products & Departments Tab:

You will see a list of your current products as well the departments within the products:

In our case we will give access to Feature Request, Other and Technical Support departments to this Staff Member Only.

Please note: If a client submit a ticket in the Billing department this user won’t see that ticket and it won’t even receive a notification.

IMPORTANT:  Free & Essential versions allows you to have only one staff member. If you have more than one staff members in your company please consider upgrading your plugin to “Team” version at least.

Both Free & Essential versions allow your clients to login to their client account and manage their tickets. This feature is available on all versions.

That’s it! Your staff member should be ready to start replying tickets.

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